Mandalas with Characters

This type of mandala is rarer than others offered on the website. Indeed, in these pages we offer you Mandala coloring pages made with drawings of various characters.
It can be real or imaginary characters, with the whole body or only the face, and also masks ...

As in all our thematic galleries, the difficulty level varies, so these Free Mandalas to print & color are available to all : children to adults.

Mandala unicorn and girl in clouds

Unicorn & girl in clouds

Mandala incredible dancing fairy

Cute dancing Fairy

Mandala to print mermaid

Mandala to print mermaid

Mandala to print fairy

Mandala to print fairy

Easy mandala by domandala 18

Easy mandala by domandala 18

Easy mandala by domandala 9

Easy mandala by domandala 9

Mandala princess riding her horse

Mandala with a Princess riding her horse

Venice carnival mask mandala

Color this Mandala with Venice Carnival Mask

Aztec Mandala by Bigredlynx

Aztec Mandala (complex)

Mandala ghost by allan

Mandala with a Scary Ghost

Mandalas foot

Football Mandala coloring page for beginners

Mandalas smiley

Smiley Mandala coloring page, for children

Mandala to color characters carnival

Mandala coloring page very easy, with Carnival characters

Mandala to color characters elve

Mandala template with an Elve in the middle, and beautiful vegetal elements

Mandala to color characters indians

Mandala drawing with Indian Americans heads ... and feathers around ! Very simple

Mandala to color characters raiponce

A Mandala coloring drawing inspired by Raiponce and her long hair