Simple Mandalas

These Mandalas are for children who are ready to color coloring pages with medium to little details, or for adults who want to color without spending too much time.
Here are some benefits of mandala coloring : it helps to stabilize blood pressure, increases creativity and self-awareness, reduces anxiety, relaxes muscles. It also increases self-confidence : you are free to color outside the lines if you want

The Sun and the Moon in a Mandala

The Sun And The Moon In A Mandala

Cupcakes in a Mandala

Cupcakes In A Mandala

Polynesian Tattoos : The sun

Polynesian Tattoos : The Sun

Egypt & Tutankhamun Mandala   Second version

Egypt & Tutankhamun Mandala Second Version

Egypt & Tutankhamun Mandala   First version

Egypt & Tutankhamun Mandala First Version

Pyramid Mandala

Pyramid Mandala

Circles / Rosaces

Circles / Rosaces

Mandalas forming a original flower

Mandalas Forming A Original Flower

Om Symbol with complex patterns

Om Symbol With Complex Patterns

Cute Anti stress Mandala

Cute Anti stress Mandala

Cute Floral Mandala

Cute Floral Mandala

Soothing and Calming Mandala

Soothing And Calming Mandala

Vegetal hand drawn Mandala

Vegetal Hand Drawn Mandala

Complex soothing Mandala

Complex Soothing Mandala

Black & White leaves Mandala

Black & White Leaves Mandala

Black & White flowers Mandala

Black & White Flowers Mandala

Circles Mandala

Circles Mandala

Ribbons Mandala

Ribbons Mandala

Mandala (Normal difficulty)

Mandala normal Difficulty

Flowery and leafy Mandala

Flowery And Leafy Mandala

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