Learn to draw this “Star” Mandala with Illustrator or Photoshop

etape 7Thanks to our partner artist Allan, learn to draw this fantastic “Star” Mandala … with an image editing software.

You can use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or other image / photo editing software.

If you prefer hand drawing, it’s also possible !

Follow these steps, everything is well explained …

Step 1 :
etape 1

Draw three concentric circles and bring closer the two lower circles together.
Increase the outline of the higher circle to create a good thickness.


Step 2 :

etape 2

Fill the circle with black and bring it to the foreground.
Fill the next circle with white and bring it between the little circle and the big circle.
Then, add a star thank’s to the “form” tool, fill it with black and bring it behind the two lower circles.
Place it with all the corners of the stars touching the higher circle.


.Step 3 :

etape 3

Add a second star behind the first one and turn it in a way to see all of its corners in the empty places.
Change the outline of the first star and make it to “2 pt” and fill it with white, that’ll make a good contrast.
The corner of the second star have to touch the higher circle.


Step 4 :

etape 4

Add whites triangles, with the “Feather” tool, in the stars to make four triangles in every part of the stars.

Step 5 :

etape 5

Add five white triangles in the lower circle in a way to form a star to make a good contrast.
Add a circle to every low corners of the white triangles of the second star and bring the circles between the first and the second star in a way it looks like an half circle.
Add a black outline of “1pt” to these circles.


Step 6 :

etape 6

Use the “Feather” tool and clic on a corner of the first star, then clic on the right corner of the second star and finally clic on the left corner of the same star.
Do the same for every corner of the first star.


Step 7 :

etape 7

Do the same thing from the step 6 but click first on a corner of the second star, then clic on the right corner from the first star and then clic on the left corner from the first star.

(Tips : Make sure you lock your layers after every steps)

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