Mandalas with Geometric patterns - Page 2

These Mandalas are for those who like symmetry, regularity, normality ...
Indeed, all these drawings are made of geometric patterns : squares, triangle, circles ...
We have easy Mandalas for children, and very very difficult ones, for adults ! When you’re coloring a mandala, you can’t think about anything else. That clears the mind to be able to focus. So, prepare your pencils, pens & markers !

Simple dark "Celtic Art" Mandala

Simple Dark "celtic Art" Mandala

"Celtic Art" Mandala with dark background

"celtic Art" Mandala With Dark Background

Symmetric "Celtic Art" Mandala

Symmetric "celtic Art" Mandala

Very simple "Celtic Art" Mandala

Very Simple "celtic Art" Mandala

"Celtic Art" Mandala with abstract patterns

"celtic Art" Mandala With Abstract Patterns

Happy New Year Mandala

Happy New Year Mandala

Simple Mandala, celtic style

Simple Mandala, Celtic Style

Mandala with Christmas ornaments

Mandala With Christmas Ornaments

Mandala with Christmas Gift

Mandala With Christmas Gift

Star Mandala

Star Mandala

City Mandala

City Mandala

Treasure Mandala

Treasure Mandala

"Bonne année" Mandala

"bonne Année" Mandala

Complex & anti stress Mandala

Complex & Anti stress Mandala

Regular & anti stress Mandala

Regular & Anti stress Mandala

Mandala with hexagons

Mandala With Hexagons

"Mystic" Mandala with simple patterns

"mystic" Mandala With Simple Patterns

Celtic art unique Mandala

Celtic Art Unique Mandala

Celtic art incredible Mandala

Celtic Art Incredible Mandala

Simple Mandala with few lines

Simple Mandala With Few Lines